2020 Endorsements

Our campaign has received endorsements from many local organizations and social movement leaders in San Francisco and across the country.

Our Revolution East Bay

Our Revolution Contra Costa

New Avenues Democratic Club

Public Arts Commission


Former US Senator for Alaska (1969-1981), 2020 Presidential Candidate

“Shahid represents the best traditions of America. He has defined himself as a builder of movements and a courageous fighter for change. We need people like him in Congress: politicians who represent “We the People”–not the corporations and the military-industrial complex that have ruled this country for decades.”

2020 Presidential candidate, New York Times bestselling author, activist, spiritual leader

“We need to take a strong stand for the progressive vision that many of us feel is absolutely essential, not only for the future of our country but also for this next election. And as a consequence, I am now endorsing Shahid Buttar for the congressional seat in the San Francisco district where Nancy Pelosi now serves.”

Actress and activist

“I endorse Shahid’s primary challenge to Nancy Pelosi. He is the leader that we need right now to take on the influence of money in politics, the environment, criminal justice reform, and labor rights which will not survive or tolerate any more centrist inaction.”

Linda Sarsour

Co-Chair of the 2017 Women's March and Former Executive Director of the Arab American Association of New York*

“Shahid is the leader we need right now. He has been fighting for our rights for years – boldly and unapologetically.”

Professor of the Practice of Public Philosophy at Harvard University and Professor Emeritus at Princeton University

“I’m standing with my dear brother Shahid. As a truth teller he is absolutely trying to make sure that the corporate wing of the Democratic Party can be transformed in the name of everyday people.”

Shaun King

Founder @TheNorthStar* & @RealJusticePAC* & @TheActionPac*; Host @TheBreakdown Podcast*; Columnist @TheIntercept*; Mornings @TJMShow*; http://ShaunKing.org

”I am proud of the thousands of us who called for a new Speaker of the House other than Speaker Pelosi. And this [statement] of hers is but one of many reasons why I’m endorsing and campaigning for the brilliant leader Shahid Buttar in a primary against her.”

Lawrence Lessig

Professor of Law and Leadership at Harvard Law School

“Shahid Buttar is everything that Congress needs – brilliant, principled, young and incredibly committed, empathetic, insightful and especially articulate.”

Matt Gonzalez

Former president of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors

“With her recent attacks against newly elected progressive Democrats (all women of color) and her support of funding for Trump’s expanded ICE raids, Nancy Pelosi continues to show how out of touch she is with San Francisco.

Congressman Shahid Buttar would immediately join forces with new Democrats like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez who want to stop the ‘appeasement of Trump’ culture in Washington and forge a new egalitarian and humanistic direction for our country.”

Former candidate, San Francisco District 10

“In 1969 I was born and raised in San Francisco. I’m tired of people holding office that don’t care about education, police reform and the community that live around toxic superfund sites. I support Shahid Buttar because not only does he care, he shows up.”

SF State University* professor, former San Francisco Supervisor from 2008 through 2017

“San Francisco needs new bold and courageous leaders in Congress who will unapologetically stand up for immigrants, women, working families, and my teen daughter’s generation who will bear the brunt of climate change. I support Shahid and his campaign’s on-the-ground organizing in our communities and his clarity in challenging the corporate elites that threaten our civil liberties, labor rights and economic opportunities, and peace and justice in the world.“

Gladys Limon

Executive director of the CA Environmental Justice Alliance*

“Shahid will represent the values and priorities of all Californians with the utmost integrity and brilliance. It’s time for fresh true progressive leadership!”

Vice President, Small Business Commission City and County of San Francisco*

“I have known Shahid for over a decade, and his work on national security, surveillance, criminal justice and policing issues have been a consistent point of pride within communities impacted most by these policies.”

Former mayor of Richmond, CA; Chair of the California Progressive Alliance*

“Nancy Pelosi and her deep-pocketed corporate funders have led California and our country into the obscene wealth inequality that we experience today. Shahid Buttar is the kind of principled, corporate-free, bold progressive candidate that will help us chart out a new direction that puts people before profits!”

Medea Benjamin

Co-founder of Code Pink: Women for Peace*, and Global Exchange*

“We need a visionary committed progressive like Shahid in Congress—especially given the need to aggressively check and balance this criminal administration.”

Corey Doctorow

Science fiction visionary and public advocate

“I endorsed Shahid Buttar’s primary challenge to Nancy Pelosi in 2018, and I’m proud to do so again for the 2020 primary, especially as Pelosi has allowed herself to be played by Trump on American concentration camps and mass ethnic-cleansing raids.

Pelosi’s deep connections to the American ruling class has means her fundraising is unparalleled, but she lacks the broad support that real progressives like AOC have found in their districts. She may have won 17 races, but she’s also happy to sabotage health care reform and the Green New Deal, and, not coincidentally, these acts of sabotage translate into billions for her backers.

By contrast, Buttar — a human rights cyberlawyer turned EFF community organizer — has a slate of AOC-aligned, progressive policies that will change the lives of everyday Americans for the better, and might just help maintain the habitability of the only known planet in the universe capable of sustaining human life.”

Legal & Advocacy Director for Project South*; former president of the National Lawyers Guild*; former director of the National Security / Immigrants' Rights Project for American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) Georgia*

“I enthusiastically endorse Shahid Buttar. Shahid has fought long and hard for protection of civil liberties and human rights for our communities. I know that he will continue to work non-stop to defend human rights over property interests.”

Jason West

Former Mayor of New Paltz, NY; confronted criminal prosecution for supporting LGBTQ marriage equality

“At a time when few lawyers—and fewer politicians—were willing to embrace #MarriageEquality for same-sex couples, Shahid stood by me, as well as my constituents who wanted to marry the partner of their choice.”

Author of War Made Easy: How Presidents and Pundits Keep Spinning Us to Death

“Nancy Pelosi has moved far away from progressive principles, relying on big corporate money and the military-industrial complex to set the limits and define supposed realism for her role in Congress.”

Climate scientist, NASA*; Author of Being the Change

“The climate emergency demands that we only vote for climate emergency candidates. In this race there is only one climate emergency candidate and it is Shahid Buttar.”

* Affiliations listed for identification purposes only and do not represent endorsements by these organizations