Dear Friends,

I’m an immigrant. It’s one reason I value our democracy so deeply—it’s not something that I’ve ever taken for granted.

That might also be one reason I’m so deeply offended and outraged by the latest revelations of abuses in Immigration & Customs Enforcement (ICE) custody.

Yesterday, a whistleblower in Georgia revealed that private prisons overseen by ICE sterilized migrant women in detention via hysterectomy. They performed these risky procedures without justifiable medical reasons and often without notice.

Women subjected to the procedures describe them as akin to human experimentation.

Forced sterilization is genocidal. It’s racist. It’s unacceptable. We once fought a World War against these atrocities.

We can’t let government agencies get away with copying policies straight out of the Nazi playbook. We shouldn’t let the corporate politicians who funded these agencies off the hook.

The failure extends well beyond ICE.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi has called for an investigation by Inspectors General within the Department of Homeland Security. We obviously support that, but her response is entirely inadequate.

Congress has independent jurisdiction. There are committees tasked with overseeing these agencies that have apparently fallen asleep at their post. It took a whistleblower speaking to the press to expose lies that previously satisfied these oversight committees.

Pelosi never saw fit to initiate congressional inquiries into abuses at the border, nor has she embraced the long overdue step of defunding these agencies to force the transfer of their authorities.

She is preventing Congress from doing its constitutionally-mandated job. Can you stand with us to level the playing field and replace this key impediment to change?

As your voice in Washington, I will remain committed to closing ICE, CBP, and dismantling DHS. Only once we dismantle these agencies and transfer their responsibilities elsewhere can we have any hope of restoring international confidence in our commitment to human rights.

Many thanks for your support!