Around the world billions of people woke up feeling relief at the departure of Donald Trump from the White House.

We are as excited by Trump’s removal as anyone. After all, we have spent three years running to replace a key figure in Congress who has done as much as any Republican to enable Trump’s policy agenda.

While celebrating Trump’s removal, we also recognize that the threats to our future remain largely unabated. We know that the transition in the White House was the product of millions of Americans whose relentless grassroots organizing and activism forced the entire political spectrum to address issues long ignored in Washington, from police violence, homelessness, and poverty to America’s ongoing human rights abuses around the world.

As we engage the new administration, it’s crucial that grassroots pressure hold them accountable to their election mandate, and the only increasingly urgent—and still institutionally ignored—needs for universal healthcare, climate justice, and peace.

Few figures within the Democratic Party will challenge Biden, or Harris, or Schumer, or Pelosi.

But we’ve proven our willingness to take risks on behalf of We the People of the United States.

From my Senate arrest in 2015 for an act of journalism in solidarity with Edward Snowden and Eric Garner, to our work winning over 80,000 votes from San Franciscans last November, we have stood with the future against the past time and again.

Many thanks for being a part of the solution! We couldn’t do it without you.