You know all too well that our country and our community are struggling. We’re losing as many Americans to the coronavirus every day as we did to the worst act of domestic terrorism in our nation’s history.

And even those lucky enough to remain healthy are being impacted by a collapsing economy. 40 million Americans have lost their health insurance plans due to job loss. And a predictable—and preventable—eviction wave continues to sweep the country.

Congress has failed to step in to help meet the needs of a people in a mounting crisis. Even after months of delay and posturing, the bipartisan agreement announced yesterday includes direct payments of only half the amount included earlier this year.

But the need for stimulus has grown only greater. Too many are struggling just to survive at this point—yet Congress has offered one-time payments of $500-600 per person.

In San Francisco, that amount could likely pay a month’s rent—for a closet. Presenting that as meaningful support in the face of the crises confronting Americans is frankly insulting.

We can have choices. We’re happy to offer one, if you’re ready for change.