On this Indigenous Peoples Day, had our civilization learned and practiced the collective wisdom of our past generations, we might have avoided the mounting global climate crisis.

As we watch California burn, and the Gulf Coast flood, we should be searching for how to restore the harm done to native peoples by settler colonialism. We should also learn from the civilizations abused by white supremacy, particularly because their wisdom offers critical insights that can help us address the climate chaos that corporate rule has unleashed across our planet.

We also have the chance to elect voices who share our values, and whose advocacy & organizing indicates care for the home we all share—instead of corporate profits.

The inspiration of indigenous wisdom is one reason why, as your voice in Congress, I aim to help secure a Green New Deal—and then go further by working to nationalize fossil fuel industries. No one should profit from the plunder implicit in corporate resource extraction. Every drop of petroleum pulled from beneath the soil is effectively stolen from the future.

It is the future that indigenous wisdom inclines us to more carefully consider. We’re here to defend it from the predation of the past.

Today, on Indigenous People’s Day, we honor all the sweat, tears—and blood—shed by others who have come before us. As a post-colonial immigrant to the U.S., I’m painfully aware of whose shoulders we all stand on.

Thank you for standing with us—and with the future.