Dear Friends,

Many of us have joined our neighbors in the streets over the past several months to call for justice, and to declare our conviction that Black Lives Matter.

Sadly, our legal system remains committed to state violence with impunity.

Breonna Taylor was not suspected of any criminal offense. Three plainclothes police officers shot her five times in her Louisville, KY home this spring, killing her and spraying bullets into nearby apartments.

Today, we learned that only one of those officers will face any charge—reckless endangerment, based on the shots fired into other apartments, rather than any of the ones that killed an innocent person.

Does that sound like justice to you?

We’ve long supported holding police accountable, and proposed specific reforms to fix loopholes in the law. Can you help us take those proposals to Congress?
We’re proud to have called for Congress to end qualified immunity back in 2018. It’s a judge-created legal doctrine that has allowed countless police officers to escape accountability for acts as severe as murder.

Fixing the law to ensure accountability for state violence should not be controversial. But as long as Nancy Pelosi remains in Congress, we can predict that the series of names we are called on to recall in the streets will only continue to grow.

This is why we must replace her.

Policymakers have not shared these concerns, but I have.

I’ve marched in demonstrations from Ferguson to Washington, DC.

In 2014, during one of these actions, I was hit by an irate commuter who drove his SUV into a crowd in DC’s Dupont Circle.

I’ve taken direct action, documented movement uprisings in St. Louis and Baltimore, produced works of art focused entirely on police violence, and advocated for policies like the End Racial Profiling Act, which Nancy Pelosi helped keep from ever passing Congress.

Can you help us replace Pelosi to ensure that Black Lives Matter not only in the streets, but also in the law?
We can keep sending voices back to Congress who have designed our system of unaccountable, wanton state violence. Or we can instead elect voices who have stood with our communities, both in the streets and in the halls of Congress.

Your voice in Washington,


PS — Do you know other San Franciscans who would resonate with our message? Please introduce us!