At a time Democrats in Congress need to reassert progressive priorities and defend hard found principals—such as a commitment to universal health care including abortion rights, and human rights in the face of rising militarism & xenophobia—Shahid Buttar has emerged as the candidate that best exemplifies San Francisco values.

His opponent, Nancy Pelosi, who never held elective office before winning the seat, has refused to debate any opponent in over 30 years in office. When her record is examined carefully, it’s apparent that she has not been aligned with our city’s core values for decades. As hard as it may be for some to believe, she has recently supported anti-choice candidates (against a progressive pro-choice candidate) and she has come under scrutiny for amassing wealth from insider trading opportunities. When confronted, she has failed to give an adequate explanation, which in turn has provided fodder for critics on the right to show the left’s hypocrisy. San Francisco deserves political voices who share our city’s values, not those who have built careers alleging support for them while undermining them in practice.

When I served as President of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors, I came from outside the city’s political establishment and helped shift the political landscape at City Hall. That’s one reason I’m excited to endorse another voice from outside the establishment who will steer Congress in the progressive direction it desperately needs to move toward.

Although the press and his opponent will not engage him, it is not because Shahid lacks talent or isn’t worthy of attention. He is a rare human being who would be an important part of the transformation that must take place in Congress if we are to make advances in our policy agenda, progress many of us have been waiting decades for. In my opinion, Shahid is among the very finest political candidates I have seen emerge in San Francisco in the over thirty years that I have been closely watching.

San Francisco’s representative in Congress should be an exciting voice for new ideas and someone who stands up to the corrupt values so many congresspersons are aligned with. I know Shahid would make our city proud. For twenty years, he’s worked both across the Bay Area and across the entire country to challenge the militarism and domestic surveillance in which Pelosi has long been complicit. That’s the kind of track record I want from a candidate.

In 2020, Shahid won more votes against Pelosi than any challenger she has ever faced, obtaining over 80,000 votes, despite being outspent 15 to 1. With greater exposure, I know San Franciscans will see the same traits and potential I see in his candidacy.

It’s time for San Franciscans to elect a person who truly represents us in Washington, someone who exemplifies our values. I’m proud to support Shahid, and invite you to do the same.


Matt Gonzalez

Chief Attorney, San Francisco Public Defender’s Office
Former President, San Francisco Board of Supervisors, 2003
Green Party Vice Presidential nominee, 2008