At any point, Speaker Pelosi could put an end to the Barrett Supreme Court hearing, but she is choosing not to.

Instead of standing behind the Senators–of her own party–who walked out of the Senate to deny a quorum and stop the process, Pelosi has willingly let these hearings proceed.

Pelosi could bring the Senate process to a halt, if she so chose.

First, she could issuing new Articles of Impeachment to address any of Trump’s many impeachable offenses—including his self-enrichment at public expense, and his risks to public health—that were not included in the limited process last year.

She could also shut down the government.

She is choosing not to deploy those tools, sacrificing the Court—and values from reproductive liberty to worker rights—in the process.

Pelosi knows the rules of her power better than any other Speaker in recent history. But, yet again, she has chosen to put Washington’s interests before those of our communities.