Let’s be honest. Fossil fuel companies are not going to phase themselves out.

Those in power know they are threatening the survival of the human race, but drilling and digging are way too profitable for their way of life and shareholders.

That’s what happens when fossil fuel corporations have bought control of both parties.

We don’t have the billions of dollars of the fossil fuel industry—but we do have the power of each other, and our shared commitment to the future.

When I’m in the House, I’ll do everything in my power to make the Green New Deal law. I also aim to nationalize the fossil fuel extraction industry, end wars for oil, and implement a federal jobs guarantee to enable climate resiliency projects that the market can’t.

Nancy Pelosi laughingly called Senator Ed Markey’s Green New Deal plan “the green new dream, or whatever.”

She opposed his reelection, as her own allies took millions of dollars from the fossil fuel industry that’s quickly turning our planet into a hellscape ravaged by wildfires and hurricanes.